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Alert or monitor dependencies

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Alert or monitor dependencies

Does AlertSite have the ability to set up alert or monitor dependencies so that interrelated monitors don't trigger multiple alarms?  Ie...


Monitor 1 - website login


Monitor 2 - website login/add product to cart


If monitor 1 fails, monitor 2's alerts would be suppressed until monitor 1 clears.




It's not possible natively, but you could build something internally to accomplish this. It would just take a little creative dev work to design, but not too complicated.


You could essentially, have the 1st monitor trigger a POST notification or something similar sent to your internally built application, and have that error notification trigger an API call that disables the 2nd monitor. Once the 1st monitor clears, a 'Clear' POST or notification from the 1st monitor triggers your application to send another API call that re-enables the 2nd monitor again. Help on the API call that triggers the monitor change below. Hope this helps

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