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Alerts on Overall Page Weight

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Alerts on Overall Page Weight

I'd love to be able to setup an alert anytime the total content on my home page is > 5MB downloaded to the browser.

This will allow me to action image and content optimzations with my team as home page content is constantly evolving and having too heavy a home page can negativly affect both my conversion rate + infrasctructure/hosting/caching/cdn operating costs

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This is only possible right now using Report API and collecting the 'bytes' information for each call on the page, summing the total, and measuring it against a threshold like AlertSite does with performance Alerts currently. It's a good use case for alerts on non-specific content changes in general, especially as they impact metrics in reporting. For example, a Full Page time increases of 50% may be acceptable, if the browser is downloading twice as much content on the same page suddenly versus prior runs.