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Can performance profiler profile vcl source?

I am using Delphi 2007 / XE with AQTime 6. I wrote a test application that create few TButton instances. I have turn on necessary compiling and linking switches to make it work with AQTime.

When I attempt to run the application in AQTime with performance profiler, the VCL / RTL classes aren't show in profiling. Can AQTime performance profile VCL / RTL classes?

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RE: Can performance profiler profile vcl source?

Hello Chee Yang,

By default, AQtime excludes VCL code from profiling. To profile VCL code, you need to disable this option:

Options | Options... | General | General Preferences | Exclude standard source files

Please note that complete support for RAD Studio XE was implemented only in AQtime 7. I have just checked, and AQtime 6 can profile the VCL code of an XE application just fine, but the source code editor panel may show an incorrect source code snippet for a routine. So, it is best to use version 7 of AQtime for RAD Studio XE applications profiling.

Let me know if you have anymore questions.