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AQTime using Allocation Profiler on a WCF service

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AQTime using Allocation Profiler on a WCF service


I am trying to profile a WCF service using Allocation profiler, to find memory leaks. Once I click Run, after few mins, profiler loads the start page (e.g. http://(mydomain)/service.svc)  without any issues.

Then I ran a test from the client pointing to that service. After few mins the AQTime process exits with some errors. And the event view has all the Structuremap (cannot create instance error) and Mysql connection errors (reading data stream error).


When I directly call the service, I am getting successful results.


Can anyone please help me with this?



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Re: AQTime using Allocation Profiler on a WCF service



I would recommend you to go through the Troubleshooter at in order to collect the info that may be useful and than contact Support via the form.

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Re: AQTime using Allocation Profiler on a WCF service

Thanks. The AQTime troubleshooter didn't help much. I reached out to the support. Will see what they say.

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