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Catastrophic Failure trying to use the Reference Count Profiler

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Catastrophic Failure trying to use the Reference Count Profiler

Any ideas how to work around this.  My Environment is the following.

Windows 7 VM

AQTime Version 8.60.2086.7

IDE: C++ Builder XE

2018-04-28 18_56_00-.png


When I try to use start my app and manually attach it to the process it crashes.  I can use the other profilers fine.

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To help us investigate the crash, please complete our AQtime 8 Troubleshooter.

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In addition, I would recommend to create Support ticket via the form and reference this thread.

While forums are monitored by Support, they are rather for Community but not the primary means to communicate with Support. So creation of formal ticket may speed up the things. Also, Support might request some information that you may not want to share to the public.
I also will appreciate it if you update this thread with the results to help someone else who may get the same problem.

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