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Where to place jar on jenkins

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Where to place jar on jenkins


I want to run my tests on Jenkins server.

Where should I put my jar file (which is used within "groovy script" test steps)? Locally I have jar in the Program Files\SmartBear\ReadyAPI-3.3.0\bin\ext folder and it works. 


I found this answer from @Nastya_Khovrina 

"If you have jar files which you need to use, these files should be placed in the <ReadyAPI installation>\bin\ext folder on the machine where you run your tests."


But I use only Jenkins plugin and testcaserunner >>> so there is no installation of ReadyAPI on Jenkins server (that means no <ReadyAPI installation>/bin/ext folder).


So where should I copy my jar file on jenkins server?

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Re: Where to place jar on jenkins

@meldy : How you are executing your scripts on jenkins.


You should have 1 of below

1. Access to Jenkins server

2. POM File


if 1 is the case then put the file on jenkins server

if 2 is the case then place your jar name in dependency folder


refer below article it will help you out


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Himanshu Tayal
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Re: Where to place jar on jenkins

Hi @meldy ,


third-party jar should be under <ReadyAPI installation>\bin\ext as ReadyAPI team recommended. It looks like Java project with reference library.


Generally, I did not suggest you to put any jar in /ext since it's hard to manage them as well as version control if you have more node machine to run ReadyAPI test cases. Surely, there are workaround to deploy your jar to specified folder. i.e Ansible


If you run test cases through Jenkins, you'd better to install ReadAPI in execution machine and then mount them to Jenkins as "slave" (Secondary), one more suggestion, you can configure a library with groovy as a outside script library and bind to your ReadyAPI project, then you are able to manage them with version control.


some of custom package are required to put under /ext. i.e jdbc.jar, or your encapsulated jar (i.e login.jar, assertion.jar). However, you need to consider how to manage them in your ReadyAPI project and easily to push to other machine if any update.




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Re: Where to place jar on jenkins

Thank you Aaron, Himanshu!


@meldy did you solve this one? Please let us know which solution you used!

Sonya Mihaljova
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