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Support for signature using secretkey

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Support for signature using secretkey


I am trying to invoke a web service which requires the client to perform signature and encryption using secret key.
I created a keystore of type JCEKS with my secret key. But i am not able to import this keystore into project keystores. Getting the following error

An error occured [javax.crypto.spec.SecretKeySpec cannot be cast to], see error log for details

Could you please help me on this.

The following is my complete requirement.

Generate secret key - secret key would be a 128 bit AES

1. sign usernametoken,timestamp and body using the above secret key
2. encrypt usernametoken and body using the above secret key
3. encrypt the secret key using the certificate in the wsdl and include the encrypted key in the request
4. Also include the base64 SHA1 of certification bytes

Please help me on how to achieve this using soapui.
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Re: Support for signature using secretkey

Do you still live with this issue?
May it requires to use the right / supported keystore type.

Please see if these are helpful ... d-jks-file

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Re: Support for signature using secretkey


i want to integrate my OWSM wss11_message protection policy with soap ui . it is possible ?
steps i have already done :

1) created a proxy service and used wss11_message protection policy at server side.
2) configured the keystore(with alias server_pvt_key) in credential store.
3) now if i try to hit the service from sbconsole(ans substitue server_pvt_key as the encryption key) it works fine both input and output are encrypted.
4)i am hitting the same servce from soap ui but getting the following
<faultstring>BEA-386200: General web service security error</faultstring>
<con:fault xmlns:con="">
<con:reason>General web service security error</con:reason>

i have imported the client keystore into the soap and configured ws-incoming and ws-outgoing configurations.

my question how i can configure wss11 client policy into my soap ui.


Re: Support for signature using secretkey



Did you ever manage to configure WSS11 using Soap UI?

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Re: Support for signature using secretkey

There is a lot of problems and bugs with WSS support in soapUI/soapUI PRO/Ready! API but you can try workaround for JCEKS support.

Use Portecle and convert JCEKS to JKS which more or less works fine with soapUI.

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