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Skip datasource entry based on value

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Skip datasource entry based on value

Hi all!


I am trying to find if there is a way to skip a certain data source entry based on one of its value? The idea is that, I want to give each value a priority classification (1, 2, and 3... etc.…) on the project property add a property called priority and give it a numeric value, for example 1. When I run all the test cases, I  would like that only test cases that has equal or greater than the project priority to be executed. Any idea on how to approach this?



Thanks for your help

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Re: Skip datasource entry based on value

As far as I am aware, there's no built in way to handle this. Instead, if you need this functionality, you may need to consider writing a groovy script that can interpret the required data fields from the Data Source and adjust the necessary test steps accordingly. I'd set it up something like this:


  1. Data Source
  2. Groovy Script
    1. Analyze data set from Data Source
    2. If it is valid, proceed as normal
    3. If the data fails requirements, use groovy to disable the following tests.
  3. Test Steps using DataSource data
    1. These depend on what you are testing
  4. Groovy script to set all test steps back to their default state
  5. Data Loop


Does that help?


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