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Set a JSONPath expression parameter from a datasource


Re: Set a JSONPath expression parameter from a datasource



Is there a way to wrap some logic around this to say if the record does not exist then skip?


The is an outer join in the DB query which means that sometimes there may not be any data and I would not want the Assertion to trigger.






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Re: Set a JSONPath expression parameter from a datasource

Hi @cst99003


You'll need some groovy to do this as far as I can tell.  The Assertion is on the test step and will fire as soon as the step executes so im guessing the assertion will execute as soon as the outer join executes.  one for the groovy scripters I think!


As an aside - going back to the 'fix' @Lucian supplied - can you confirm what it's doing?  I've never seen >1 JSONPATH in the expression section of a JSON Content Assertion before and would welcome the education!


Lucian's update to your Assertion was as follows:





So - your expected result is a value set in your Datasource and I'm guessing you are asserting that two attributes in yoru response match the RO_RETIREMENT property.


HOWEVER - I don't understand what the following is actually doing:


Thankyou! - Sorry I couldn' t be more help!




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