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Question about update definition

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Question about update definition

I recently discovered that the developers updated the WSDL and changed some tag name. e.g. became . I have a lot of test case and I wanted to know what the best / fasted way to update the request object in each of my request in each of the test cases.

This is what I have done and it works but takes a while. I first update the interface/Schema by 'update definition'. I guess that refreshes the WSDL and generates sample requests. However this update of the interface is not propagated to the requests in the test cases. So i go to each request in each test case and click on the 'recreates a default request from the schema' button. This works but can take considerable amount of time if I have a lot test cases.

Any good / faster solution to this.


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Re: Question about update definition

Hi Ali,

unfortunately there is no easy way of handling this, eventually you could open the project file in a text editor and just do a find-and-replace if the changes are a few and "uniquely identifiable"..

this is a common feature request, but rather tricky to implement; soapUI needs to diff between the new and old wsdl and somehow figure out what changes that have been made.. I'll keep you posted!


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