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Multiple Users Updating One SoapUI Project??

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Multiple Users Updating One SoapUI Project??



I've been working on my own for a year with SoapUI, but now I'm finally getting some help (1 more tester) which will mean more than 1 user will need to execute different tests within the same soapui project.


I've seen some posts on composite projects and collaborative soapui project work but I'm still a bit hazy on the details - so I was wondering if anyone could clarify?


What I think I need is the following:


1. save the existing single user project as a composite project

2.  set pretty print responses checkbox in the WSDL preferences

3. install a version control app like SVN

4. Move composite project file to be within the version control of SVN


Does the above sound correct?


How would the merge of user1 and user2 changes be applied?


Oh yeah - I'm using ReadyAPI! v2.2.0


Thanks to any and all that can help!



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Re: Multiple Users Updating One SoapUI Project??

Thank you for posting to our Community Forum. 


You are on the right track to creating a ReadyAPI project with Git Integration. 


In regards to your question about handling merges, the git plugin gives you three options:

  1. Theirs: overwrite your changes with the data from the repository
  2. Ours: save your changes and discard the changes from the repository
  3. Recursive: try merging the changes in both versions

You can read more about this and the git plugin here:


Have a great day! 

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