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Informix JDBC credentials

Occasional Contributor

Informix JDBC credentials

Hi all,
We have observed when using SOAP-UI with Informix JDBC drivers that the specified username (specified either in the UI or in the connection string) is ignored.
Instead SOAP-UI appears to use the credentials of the logged in user. We have observed this behaviour on both Linux and Windows7 with the latest JDBC drivers and the latest SOAP-UI Pro.

It seems this probably worked once with a specific version of the JDBC drivers - as I know that IBM regularly change how they work.

Could anyone tell me what version of the JDBC drivers work correctly in terms of sending the specified username and password, or indeed any other workaround besides making your logged on username and password match the DB account which you need to use, which is very inconvenient


Re: Informix JDBC credentials


it looks like you can download the needed Informix JDBC drivers here: ... rs=ifxjdbc

As far as the workaround, it's pretty hard to make a suggestion on this end since we don't know the exact database version you are on and at least in my case I don't have an Informix environment access.

Michael Giller
SmartBear Software

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Re: Informix JDBC credentials



did you get any solution to this problem?




Community Manager

Re: Informix JDBC credentials

Hi @VenkateshM! Was the suggestion about installing the Informix JDBC driver helpful for you? 

If you installed the driver and still see the issue I recommend that you create a new topic and describe the issue in detail as this thread is quite old. 

Sonya Mihaljova
Community and Education Specialist

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