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Halting testrunner execution upon eventHandler exception

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Halting testrunner execution upon eventHandler exception


  • We use testrunner.bat to run large SoapUI projects.  
  • We use eventHandlers implemented as groovy scripts (e.g. TestRunListener.beforeRun).  

Current situation

  • Groovy code in eventHandlers may throw exceptions, but testrunner.bat keeps executing tests ayway.
  • Hours of lab time could be wasted by executing tests when a fundamental piece like an eventHandler is failing.

Desired situation

  • Want exceptions thrown within groovy eventHandlers to cause testrunner.bat to terminate gracefully.


  • Avoid wasting hours of lab time executing tests that are doomed to fail because of problems in eventHandlers.

Pointers welcome!  Thanks,



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Re: Halting testrunner execution upon eventHandler exception

Can you please show the sample listener code snippet which throws error and still continue?

Occasional Contributor

Re: Halting testrunner execution upon eventHandler exception

Sure.  Here's some TestSuiteRunListener.beforeRun code that throws an exception:


throw new Exception('boom!')


The project still runs the test even when that exception is thrown.  An exception in a project-level event handler means that setup failed, in which case the tests are doomed.   In a production environment involving hundreds or thousands of tests, a lot of lab time can be wasted running tests that shouldn't have run and human time wasted diagnosing failures actually caused by a failure in project setup.


See attached standalone project created with 1.7.0, which demonstrates the problem.


Is there an option to halt test execution if exceptions occur in an event handler?





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