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Datasink issues

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Datasink issues


I just recently started to work with datasink steps and I have encountered a few issues I could not find solution to so I am going to ask them here:


1. Datasink writes everything into 1 row

I would like to export response times into an excel file by using DataSink. I set the template, set the output file, the worksheet. I add properties:

  • Title of the request (first column A2)
  • Response time (second column B2) 

I always start writing into the sheet from A2 cell. If it's only one entry no problem. If I add more properties with the title and response time of other requests they will all be put into the same row. The question: how can I put the data into the next row? Do I have to Create a separate datasink for it?


2. Existing data in excel is overwritten every time

I try to record the response time of similar Rest and Soap requests from different projects. I would like to save the data into the same excel file. Even though the data writing should start from a different cell (A2 - in case of Rest, B2 in case of SOAP) it is always overwritten and by the previously ran datasink. Even if I try to write the data on another worksheet. Would the template cause it? My template contains two sheets the first holds the header (Title and Response in A1 and B1) the second is empty. But as said before, even if I write on the second worksheet the data from the first will be removed.


Your help is appreciated!
Thank you!

Community Manager

Re: Datasink issues

Hi Markal,



Thanks for posting your questions here. However, I suppose that, to solve them, some investigation may be required - could you please submit the questions to our Customer Care Team? You can fill in the Contact Form here:

Tanya Yatskovskaya
SmartBear Community and Education Manager

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