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8 years ago
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Allow additional Compliance Assertions for requests in Service-V

Hi There,


It would be great if we could apply the following assertions to requests:

  • JSON Schema Compliance
  • Swagger Compliance Assertion

The documentation around these assertions is a little conflicting as it states "Asserts that the request and response messages are compliant with a swagger definition" currently, however the implementation seems to be limited to responses only.


It's quite a normal expectation that the request body for operations like PUT, PATCH, POST could be validated for compliance. Sames goes for other operations, query parameters, headers etc.


We are using Service-V for API sand-boxing and ideally we should facilitate that we can act like the API provider and can easily validate requests and give appropriate responses as defined in the swagger definitions without having to script all the validations by hand.


Any thoughts on this? Can you consider this enhancement? I am convinced that any customer offering REST APIs levering Swagger / Open API etc would assume such capabilities are possible for requests as well as responses.


Kind regards,


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