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8 years ago
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Allow reviewers to quickly filter the file list by file type



Our Dev team can create some reviews containing a lot of various files (eg. *.cs, *.xml, *.csproj, *.config...).

When reviewing the files under the 'Review Materials' section, we would like to filter the files by their extension types so that we can focus on the most important changes.


For instance, we can have just a few critical changes located under some .cs files and many unimportant changes in our .csproj files. In such cases, we would like to see at one glance the modified .cs files.





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    Collaborator v11 adds the capability for the review creator to hide unimportant files which ultimately is what you're looking for, but implemented in a different way.  Worth investigating.  Building on your idea, I do think allowing the reviewer to be able to quickly filter the file list by file type is still an interesting idea.


  • The intent for this feature is not to hide unimportant files from a review. We still want to review everything that affects a compilation. As you suggested, we only want reviewers to be able to focus on specific files more quickly. For example, this can be achieved with a 'Filter' combo box in the 'Review Materials' section where the user specify the available extension types (.cs, .xml...) he wants to see.


    The ultimate goal is to have a user-friendly 'Review Materials' section that helps users to find and review specific files without scrolling up and down thru a huge list of files.

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    Effectively this is what GitHub and GitLab implement for their "diff" view (if I'm understanding correctly).


    Basically a dynamic page that allows text to be entered into a filter box and provide  real-time filtered results in the file list/materials section.