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4 years ago

Integrate Zephyr with Gitlab CI and

We want to automate the creation of test cycles and marking the tests as executed.

We have Zephyr for Jira 5.6.2 and A.T.O.M. We have about 70 test cases added to the Zephyr. Automated tests are written in (JS framework based on selenium).
Automatic tests are run in gitlab CI after each deploy to the RC server. Can these tools be integrated with each other? Flow:
1. Before each run, create a test cycle with all automated tests. (Based on template, label, component or something)
2. If the each test case passes in CI it is marked in jira as passed or if test case fail is marked as failed?
3. When all the tests are done report is made in zephyr?

Is such a thing possible? Or should it be approached differently?



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