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2 years ago

[EDUCATION] NEW VisualTest course!

In SmartBear's new "Getting Started with Automated Visual Testscourse, we will discuss visual tests and how to automate them. You will learn how to use VisualTest and how it uses machine learning to evaluate your webpages for visual defects ahead of release. You will also learn how to use the VisualTest integration with BitBar.


In this course, you will learn:


- What visual testing is and why it's essential to include in your test suite
- The value of using machine learning to automate your tests
- How to create and run your first tests
- How to run your visual tests on the BitBar cloud


For all of SmartBear’s course offerings, visit the SmartBear Academy.


Happy learning!


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    I'm thrilled to hear about SmartBear's new "Getting Started with Automated Visual Tests" course! Visual testing is such a crucial aspect of software testing, and learning how to automate it with machine learning sounds fascinating. I'll definitely check out the SmartBear Academy for more valuable courses like this one. Thanks for the update!