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2 months ago

NameMapping question with 2 identical HTML code

Hi everyone,

I have 2 URLs for my testing application. They are identical. The page has literally same HTML code. 

I wrote tests for the 1st URL and mapped many Web Elements which also exists in second URL too. 

Now I want to switch to 2nd one and all my tests are failed. 

Is there a way to simply change the URL and everything works fine? 


Thanks in advance.

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  • Or may be I can use a different operator with - Or - to pass the URL but how can I pass the 2nd URL? 


  • I checked the links and documents that you shared. 
    This part looks useful for me: 

    However there is an issue: My URLs are almost completely different than each other. Can I manage to use wildcards still?


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    See previous posts,

    If all pages on the website are the same, and the only difference is the URL. Then you need to use wildcard or conditional expression for the parent object.

  • This is my NameMapping tree: 

    The items which are mapped under the parent item can not be found when I switch to URL2 

    Because pageDashboard... item is pointing URL1

    Is there a way to handle that in a dynamic way?