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11 years ago

IE11 settings so that only one Page("*") appears

Hi There,

Now with IE 11 and TC 10 I'm having issues with the Page object on IE.

I already went through all the settings SmartBear suggests but Page("about:blank") and BrowserWindow(0) keep appearing and messing up my tests (I use Sys.Browser.Page("*").... to find my objects).

I know I can change it to Sys.Browser.Page("http://*") but I'd like to know if anyone else has this problem and if there's a solution for this.

The problem seems to be that inside BrowserWindow(0) sometimes there's a copy of my page and this messes up with TC
  • Hi, and thanks for the suggestions.

    I will try the registry suggestion, but for IE8 to IE10 works out-of-the box, without having to do anything special. Only problem is with IE11. I will try however adding the registry key, although as far as I understand from that post, changing that registry will only make sure the IE will display only 1 process. 

    But will give it a try and let you know the results.


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  • Ok, just tried the registry thing and it's not working.

    @Jose PitaDo you happen to remember which settings?  If not, I'm guessing Smartbear support should be aware of this, as it's a serios IE11 compatibility issue.

    Anonymous support:: any solutions for this?


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    The extra Page("about:blank") entries are also driving me nuts, and no matter how I play with the settings, there seems to always be one extra one hanging when I'm opening/closing tabs.  If you wait long enough, the extra Page will disappear, but it makes doing things like counting the open tabs or finding a tab with any URL very difficult.

    The link Tanya provided above indicates that IE11 is now supported, so it would be great to get some help here...
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    Hi All,


    This is one of the specifics in IE 11. Our team investigated this and made the corresponding notes in the help documentation:

    After closing a tab in Internet Explorer 11 or navigating a tab to another page, the old Page object may remain in the browser’s object hierarchy for some time. This is the actual lifetime of browser tab objects in Internet Explorer.


    A similar question is discussed on the Microsoft forum here


    In the meantime, it's better to use Page("PermamentURL") rather than Page("*") to access the needed page. 

  • Hi, 

    I understand I should use the permanent URL in this case, but when I am on page A and try to navigate on page B (in the same tab), I automatically have 2 page object in ObjectBrowser (object page A and object page B).

    The test correctly takes me to page B, but it also creates the page object of page B (different than page A). So, instead of using the new object created (for page B), TestComplete exepcts the object for page A to turn into object page B, which never happens, and my test fails when navigating to a different URL.

    Any solutions for this?




  • Using a permanent URL is not a feasible solution for us. Our URL is very dynamic. Is there any headway with this issue? Also, I was not seeing this until today. I did something with my settings, trying to fix a different issue and now it is happening. I have no clue what I did!!!
  • @Veronica, 

    I found that if I update IE10 to IE11, my tests work fine as long as I don't do a IE 11 reset.

    However, after the IE11 reset, the issues appear. 

    Hope this somehow helps you.