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3 years ago

how can SAP SOAP API definitions be imported into SOAPUI Pro?

I want to be able to use SOAPUI Pro to test SAP APIs that use SOAP protocol.

Does ReadyAPI support this?


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    Hey jbattaglia,

    Yep......SOAP is OLD, so every API testing tool supports testing via SOAP.

    if you have a SOAP Service then it'll be defined by a .wsdl file.
    If you ask the developers for the .wsdl file, you can create a brand new project in ReadyAPI via the .wsdl. (this is the good thing about ReadyAPI/SoapUI.....most other tools dont include this "build your project from the .wsdl" functionality)

    Creating the APIs via the .wsdl dynamically creates the content automatically for you. It's then straightforward to create your testcases via the APIs that are automatically generated.


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      thanks for the info Rich. I have successfully imported the definition from wsdl.

      Now I'm trying to figure out how to configure the certificates in ReadyAPI