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7 years ago

JIRA Intregration with QAComplete - Why/How

 I need help understanding the purpose and the reasons behind integration of JIRA with QAComplete. Examples would be great.  Can anyone help me understand the purpose behind such integration and provide some examples including purposes behind the use of such integration.


Thank you

Kim Wong

Auctor Corporation


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  • Hello Kim,

    Thank you for your post. JIRA is an issue-tracking system by Atlassian. You can connect QAComplete to your JIRA and synchronize JIRA issues with Defects and Requirements in QAComplete.

    Once the synchronization is enabled, when you update an item in one system, the corresponding item will be updated in the other system automatically. The synchronization is in real-time.

    Additional information about our plug-in is located on the Atlassian Marketplace. It also includes a video that walks you through the setup:

    Thank you and Best Regards,

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    Hi Kim, A typical situation is a QA team working with QAC for test plans management, opening bugs from QAC and these issues are synchronized directly with JIRA and assigned to developers. Once the bug closed, the status is reflected and testers can do some sanity checks on the corresponding build.


    The other way around, a typical integration is JIRA user stories getting synchronized with QAC. The QA team writes test cases, links these test cases to user stories, and you get the test case coverage for a specific story / epic, ...