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9 months ago

Cucumber for Jira automated token generation

Using Cucumber for Jira to manually click through Add Living Documentation and subsequently Manage Results my .github/workflow/cucumber.yml makes use of the token so obtained to run cucumber and post results visible in Jira.  The token is store via manually updating a github secret for Actions.  A single line of code obtains the token: 

`c4j_token: ${{ github.ref == 'refs/heads/main' && secrets.C4J_TOKEN || secrets.C4J_TOKEN_BRANCH }}`

for use in the subsequent curl POST to


This works as expected.   I would like to eliminate all manual steps in the process so that any developer creating and pushing a branch never needs to manually Add Living Documentation nor manually obtain a token for the branch, nor manually Manage Results to create a new secret for every branch in github.  A reference to an API and examples of how to drive it for Add Living Documentation would be helpful.  A separate reference to the c4j results API wherein the `-F ` options passed via curl can include the repo/branch, and a generic token that can be generated and used for all repos/branches.   Or an API mechanism to generate the token so it can be included in the workflow code.

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