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10 years ago

Collaborator Release Notifications

Welcome to Collaborator v9.0.9000!

SmartBear Software is pleased to announce the release of Collaborator 9.0.9000, a new version with several great features!  We are introducing our JSON API in this release.  The API is an external facing API that can be used by our customers and partners to create integrations with 3rd party applications and tools.  This might include integrations with IDEs, bug-tracking utilities or continuous integration servers.  The API has also improved performance with Collaborator’s client to increase the speed of uploading files to a review.  Our testing has revealed significant improvements when uploading changelists that contain 50 files or more.  Details about using the JSON API

We have also added support for Git and Eclipse.  We have always allowed reviewers to participate in reviews from within the Eclipse IDE. However, Collaborator’s Eclipse plug-in has not supported the ability to create reviews from within Eclipse when the SCM is Git.  Review Authors can now create reviews with staged changes (indexed files), commits and branches by right clicking and choosing ‘Add to Review’.   Git/Eclipse integration details


You can view the full list of fixes and improvements here.

Download the latest release of Collaborator.

If you have any questions about licensing, please contact sales. If you have any technical support questions, please contact SmartBear Support.


Best Wishes,


Justin Collier & The SmartBear Team

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