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2 years ago

[Education] NEW BitBar Academy course!

SmartBear's new "Getting Started with Automated Testing on BitBar Device Cloud" basics course is for users new to BitBar who want to learn how to automate tests against web browsers and mobile devices using Selenium and Appium. Additionally, users will learn how to view and share results and integrate TestComplete with BitBar.


After completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Set up and run functional web and mobile tests in BitBar
  • Create and customize capabilities
  • Use Appium server-side framework
  • Parameterize automated tests
  • Connect to real mobile devices and web environments in the cloud
  • Analyze test results and logs in BitBar
  • Export BitBar test results to external files
  • Integrate existing TestComplete tests with BitBar Device Cloud


For all of SmartBear’s course offerings, visit the SmartBear Academy.



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