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3 years ago

Incorporate a Zephyr Execution to a issue type workflow

Hi community!


I'm new to Zephyr and I've got a question. I've been searching through the internet, on the atlassian community, as well as your community, but either I couldn't find any results, or I wasn't asking the proper question. So my question is rather simple and possibly someone might have already ask it:

  • Is there a way to add a workflow condition or validator or post function that relates to a Zephyr test/execution/cycle/plan?

E.g. The issue (not the Zephyr test/execution) can't be transition to a next status, if a specific test/execution/cycle hasn't take place, or finished, or have a "pass" mark. Or, if a user do "this" action then add a post function to create a test on a specific issue.


Thanx in advance!


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