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2 years ago

Unable to generate a requirements traceability from JIRA

We have been using Jira Cloud and have recently started using Zephyr Scale Jira Plugin to manage out Testing activities. All of our test cases are in Zephyr Scale while we have our requirements in JIRA. We have mapped all our test cases to the requirements. Now every test case in Zephyr Scale has at least one requirement associated. We would like to see the requirements coverage (in other words, we would like to get a report which requirements do not have a test case), but struggling to get the view. I am sure someone would have had similar issue.


Is there any setting that we need to put in place to generate this report.


Appreciate any assistance in this regard.

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    Have you tried the Traceability reports > Coverage report?  That seems to do the job if test cases have issues assigned to them


    Add a test case into the Zephyr Scale section of an Issue by clicking on the highlighted menu item:


    Issue appears in the Traceability section of the Test Case:


    Coverage report advises which test cases have coverage (1) and which test cases do not (2):