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    Just a tip: I would try to get this working with 1 test case to reduce the variables that could be causing issues.


    At a quick glance I can see some of your fields contain carriage returns.  I've observed in the past that carriage returns screw with the CSV format.  If you open your file in Notepad or another word editor you will see that the format of your file contains gaps (highlighted example below).  I think if you remove those your file will have a better chance of success.  I notice you also have an empty row in row 2 that you may as well remove.


    If you're looking for a quick way to remove carriage returns, in Excel, CTRL+H (Find & Replace), then in the "Find what" box type CTRL+J (an almost invisible period "." will be placed in the box but will only show while the cursor is still in the field - just trust me on this one 🙂), next, perhaps use another character like "--" in the "Replace with" box, and I'm sure you know the rest...