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12 months ago

Junit5 + Zephyr Scale + Gradle project integration


My project: Gradle 7.6. + Java 11 + JUnit 5.9.2 + Selenium. Our UI test are run using Jenkins.
Goal: To send tests results to Zephyr Scale (integrated to our corporate Jira)

1) First of all, I tried to follow this instruction ( >  I am getting the following error: 

{"errorCode":400,"message":"Couldn't find any mapped test cases","status":"Bad Request"}

 while the build is Successful, which mean that test results are created. Each test use recommended by you naming approach (key + testCaseName), for example: 


As this did not work for me, I tried the 2nd approach (to generate JSON, instead of xml) :
2) Therefore, I decided to follow another your instruction (

Few questions here:
 2.1. How to register Zephyr Scale JUnit Listener in Gradle project?  Because, you showed only Maven example.

2.2. What is the expected location of test_result.json files in Gradle project?

Really need your help, thanks!

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