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9 years ago

Form based authentication


I want to do form based authentication of website (eg. through SOAPUI tools.

For that I have taken following steps

1)Created a REST Project in workspace (name Web Order Login testing)

2)Then added a Test Suite and Test case under this workspace ,which created a REST request test step.

project creation.JPG

3) Under this REST Request in the authorization section I have filled "User Name " and "Password" section.


4) Also I have checked the "Maintain HTTP Session" checkbox 


5) after clicking the gree button of Test Case 1 button (on upper left corner) it gives the message "FINISHED"




So My Question is How Can I verify that the website has been authenticated.If I enters the wrong username and password it still show the status 200 when i click on the log of test case.





Please Help Me ,How can I do form based authentication REST based website.I am totally new to SOAP UI Tools.

Thanx in Advance.