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QA Developer (Durham, NC)- SportsMEDIA Technology- We're hiring!


SMT (SportsMEDIA Technology), with divisions in Durham, NC, Jacksonville, FL, Fremont, CA and London, UK, is the leading innovator in real-time data delivery and graphics solutions for the sports and entertainment industries, providing clients with scoring, statistics, virtual insertion and messaging for broadcasts and live events. SMT’s solutions have been used at the world’s most prestigious live events, including the Super Bowl and NBC Sunday Night Football, all major pro golf and tennis events, the Indianapolis 500, the NCAA Tournament, ESPN X Games, NBA on TNT, NASCAR events and NHL games. SMT’s clients include major broadcasters as well as regional and specialty networks, organizing bodies, event operators, sponsors and teams. For more information, visit



Designs & develops new test methods (manual and automated), test scripts, test automation, and SMT tools/frameworks for high level (acceptance test) verification of SMT product applications.  Designs & develops SMT tools/frameworks for low level (unit test) verification of SMT product components.  Integrates acceptance test frameworks (such as SpecFlow) into SMT test tools & workflow.  Integrates unit test frameworks (such as NUnit) into SMT test tools & workflow.  Works within one or more Agile Scrum teams during product development cycles.  Designs and programs test software with an eye toward creating shared functionality and libraries.  Builds product installation scripts, and assists in the troubleshooting of those scripts.  Assists with the troubleshooting of customer software issues in the field.  Assists in the build and maintenance of SMT build & test lab equipment and software.  Dynamically supports customers in the field with periodic on-call responsibilities.



  • Builds manual and automation test tools which facilitate efficient and effective testing of SMT products. 
  • Builds software tools including user record/playback tools, acceptance test scripting tools, and unit test frameworks. 
  • Builds installation scripts which require special coding. 
  • Maintains test lab systems. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or related field from an accredited institution.
  • Experience conducting automated tests.


  • Hands on experience with Smart Bear products
  • QA Complete, Test Complete, and Load Complete
  • Automation Test Framework
  • Experience with unit and acceptance test environments such as NUnit and SpecFlow.
  • Experience using JIRA
  • Experience writing software in a .NET environment
  • Fundamental knowledge of major sports

If you are interested in applying please visit our (SMT's) Career Center here, or copy and paste this link into your browsers search bar:

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