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11 years ago

[LoadUIWeb] Soak testing scenario


I am new to WebLoadUI and I can't find information on how to create scenario for soak testing (ie leaving the application running for a period of time with peak and off peak flow of transaction).  Could someone please point me where can I confugure/set the peak/off peak duration.


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  • I still cannot see the problem. You can press the record button and leave your application for some time and everything will be recorded. The only limitation is that you should not use other application that can use HTTP to prevent their recording.

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    Hi Dimitry,

    The scenario is similar to an online ordering system.  So for example

    - start recording

    - place an order

    - received confirmation of successful order (via email)

    - stop recording

    Let's say, orders are peak on weekdays and not on weekends, how can I simulate/configure this scenario?   I can see that there is a Stepwise option where you can set to increase the users, which can eventually (I think) simulate the peak scenario, but how about the off peak?  How can it go back to eg one user in able to decrease the order.

  • We have custom shape feature in pro version. You can setup a week period and basically draw expected virtual user number across the time.

    But I will not stress a site for so long period of time. I prefer to stress it with maximum possible amount of virtual users for an hour or a day but week is not a reasonable load test time for me.