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13 years ago

Code Collaborator & Perforce

I see that code collaborator has a nice way of integrating with Perforce, however I see inconsistencies in how it works.

Case 1


I have installed the Code Collaborator client and I am able to add it as a custom tool within P4V. However, through this method I can either upload a submitted changelist or a pending changelist but not a shelved changelist.

Case 2


I configure my server as given here so that I can upload changelists without using the code collab client. But in this method, I can upload only submitted changelist. If a changelist is pending/shelved I cant upload via this method.

Is there a way wherein I can upload either Pending/Shelved/Submitted changelist irrespective of what method (client/web) I am using? Does anybody have any tips?

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    A couple things:

      * Pending changelists can only be uploaded from the client of the user who created them - no one else has access to the content in them

      * Submitted changelists can be uploaded from anywhere

      * Shelvesets are a relatively new Perforce feature that we haven't added support for yet, though we plan to in the future.

    These constraints should explain why you can do what you can do and can't do what you can't.
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    Is there support for reviewing shelved changelists yet?