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FAQs - Community Badges

What is a Community Badge?

The SmartBear Community rewards its members with various badges for their participation in the community life. We have badges dedicated to certain activity types. Badges are great milestones to measure how far you've come in your community journey.


How Can I Earn a Badge?

It's possible to earn badges for different activity in the Community, like posting questions, adding replies, submitting product improvements or participating in special community events.


What Badges Can I Earn?

Here are all the badges grouped by activity type: 


Badges for creating new topics 


First Topic create 1 topic
Conversation Starter create 5 topics
Inquisitive Mind create 10 topics
Scout create 20 topics
Front Line create 50 topics
Prolific create 100 topics
Entrepreneur create 200 topics
Conversation Leader create 350 topics


Badges for posting replies 


First Reply create 1 reply
Staying Engaged create 5 replies
Conversationalist  create 10 replies
Responsive  create 25 replies
Articulate  create 50 replies
Insightful  create 100 replies
Great Thinker create 250 replies
Philosopher create 500 replies
Mentor  create 750 replies
Savant  create 1000 replies
Luminary  create 1500 replies


Badges for receiving kudos 


First Kudo earn 1 Kudos
Stamps of Approval earn 5 Kudos
Round of Applause earn 10 Kudos
Well Liked earn 25 Kudos
Much Appreciated earn 50 Kudos
Popular  earn 100 Kudos
Crowd Pleaser earn 250 Kudos
In High Regard earn 500 Kudos
Standing Ovation earn 1000 Kudos
Kudos Champion earn 2000 Kudos


Badges for providing solutions 


First Accepted Solution create 1 solution
Helping Hand create 5 solutions
Troubleshooter  create 10 solutions
To the Rescue create 25 solutions
Problem Solver  create 50 solutions
Enlightened  create 100 solutions
Brainy  create 200 solutions
Genius  create 350 solutions

 Badges for suggesting improvements 


First Feature Request submit 1 feature request
Idea Generator submit 5 feature requests
Active Improver submit 10 feature requests
Product Improver Champion submit 15 feature requests


Special Badges

There are also unique badges that you can get (e.g. Community Champion).


Where Can I See My Earned Badges? 

 You can see all the badges you currently have at the top of your profile page.