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2 years ago

[WEBINAR] Context Switch Less with Access to a Mobile Device Cloud

Hi BitBar Community!


We had a webinar!  "Context Switch Less with Access to a Mobile Device Cloud"


Your customers count on a high-quality mobile app experience. But to achieve this, QA teams need to run thousands of UI tests in order to validate different devices and environments. This can prove arduous, time-consuming, and costly without the guarantee of an excellent app experience.   


By implementing the best tools for your organization, you can solve these problems and improve your overall workflow. Using TestComplete with BitBar allows you to increase test coverage, speed up release cycles, and still deliver a high-quality product.   


In this session, come learn the value of automating UI tests in the cloud for your mobile app and how SmartBear tools can help you execute this.   


Here’s what we’ll cover:


  • Benefits of practicing UI test automation
  • Benefits of using a real device cloud
  • Why scale UI test automation to a device cloud
  • Live mobile testing demo integrating TestComplete and BitBar
  • Q&A
Duration: 60 Minutes


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