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6 years ago

All Error Codes ARE included in Custom Error Filter for Reporting

  When running Detail Reports at AlertSite, it is possible to filter your report results by Error Code. In this way, you can display results for tests that fail with a specific error code.



    Note that not all codes are displayed in the filter list to the right, but the missing 4 digit codes are filtered in by the last 1 or 2 digits of the code. So adding 7 also includes 7007, 6007, 5007 and adding 2 also included 7002, 5002, etc. adding a 51 code include 7051 and 5051. In this way, you can filter for all error codes in your reports if needed.

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    This looks useful.  However, is there a similar functionality for Alerting?  I would like to send a special alert when my "Web - Browser" monitor fails with specific status codes, but not with others.  Is this possible?

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      You sure can. When you setup Nofification Groups, you can filter which errors are included in the group. In that way, the recipients in that group are only notified about monitor errors that result in the defined errors codes.


      Note that this does not prevent errors of other types from being generated for the monitor. It just filters what kind of errors the members of the group are notified about.