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Parse SL table


I am trying to parse the 1st column of a grid, find the line that contains a specific text and click that line. The hierarchy though is not always the same. The text is contained in "Text.OleValue" property of each line(except line 3 that does not have any Text property). How can I do that?

line1: ...GridRow.ContentControl.content.DataContentPresenter.ScrollablePart.CellItemsControl.GridCellContentPresenter.PART_CellEditor.LayoutItem.DXContentPresenter.TextBlock;  

line2: ...GridRow2.ContentControl.content.DataContentPresenter.ScrollablePart.CellItemsControl.GridCellContentPresenter.PART_CellEditor.LayoutItem.DXContentPresenter.TextBlock2;

line3:                                         ...GridRow4.ContentControl.content.DataContentPresenter.ScrollablePart.CellItemsControl.GridCellContentPresenter;

line4: ...GridRow3.ContentControl.content.DataContentPresenter.ScrollablePart.CellItemsControl.GridCellContentPresenter.PART_CellEditor.LayoutItem.DXContentPresenter.TextBlock;

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RE: Parse SL table


I've found a support case regarding the same matter from you in our DB. Alex has replied to it. If you have additional questions, I recommend that you continue working with him via e-mail.