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Integrate subversing in codecollaborator

Hello Everyone

I have problem to work with sub-versing code review in CodeCollaborator Server side  can u provide me help to
integrate it directly .I want directly working with SVN without checkout and its work like as now its work on simple file.


And also i have validation problem in sub-versing integration in  Client GUI.

Error: Could not create valid Subversion configuration based on configured
repository url: plink: unknown option "--username"


if possible so provide me help for subversing integration in CodeCollaborator  server side subversibng evaluation

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RE: Integrate subversing in codecollaborator

Looks like a question for our CodeCollaborator team - I'll move this over to the CodeCollaborator forum.
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RE: Integrate subversing in codecollaborator

This is a duplicate thread.
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