TestComplete SmartBear Forums http://smartbear.com/ US (c) 2014 SmartBear Software. All rights reserved. Sat, 20 Dec 2014 23:01:06 GMT http://backend.userland.com/rss TestComplete How to create name mapping for windows application when testing web application? Hi All,<br> </br><br> </br>I'm testing a web application, but it has some <strong>windows application forms</strong> occured when testing this<strong> web application</strong>. I can't add that windows application in TestedApp because I don't have it. So when I created name mapping with that winforms, those name mapping will not be worked when running in another computer. Please help me resolve it.<br> </br>Thanks in advance.<br> </br>Helen.<br> </br> http://smartbear.com/forums/forum/post/?mode=singleThread&thread=603abf57-258d-4747-9eda-1336a23ac259 TestComplete Helen nguyen 603abf57-258d-4747-9eda-1336a23ac259 Sun, 28 Oct 2012 08:40:43 GMT Refresh Method Hi,<br /> <br /> I am new to test complete. On reading the documents, i came across TestObj.Refresh method to refresh the existing cache during execution. I am a little confused with this.<br /> <br /> When and why would i need this? To improve performance of my scripts, how do we decide when to use it and when not?<br /> <br /> Say, i have two comboboxes, combo1 and combo2. Now, if i select some values in combo1, combo2 values are loaded accordingly. Do i need to refresh objects after selecting combo1 value???&nbsp;<br /> <br /> I am coming from QTP background, and we never used a Refresh option there, so kind of a little confused with this option in Testcomplete. My team has used it for almost every object after performing an operation, which to me should not be the right way. There has to be a good reasoning to use it.<br /> <br /> Your help will be appreaciated.<br /> <br /> ~Thanks,<br /> Anubhav http://smartbear.com/forums/forum/post/?mode=singleThread&thread=5e46f95e-9db4-4bf3-a13a-aeaab92cc93d TestComplete Anubhav Rawat 5e46f95e-9db4-4bf3-a13a-aeaab92cc93d Thu, 25 Oct 2012 02:27:32 GMT How to use regular expressions for object hierarchy Hi All,<br /> <br /> I am new to Test Complete.<br /> I want to use regular expressions for object hierarchy in the vb script. Below is the code generated by Test Complete I want to apply regular expression for that.<br /> <br /> <strong>Call Aliases.browser.pageLawsonPortal1.frameContent.formLoginform.panelBgdiv.panelFieldsdiv.table.cell1.passwordboxSsopass.keys("Test123$")</strong><br /> <br /> I want to use above line like below :<br /> <br /> <strong>Call Aliases.browser.pageLawsonPortal1.*.passwordboxSsopass.keys("Test123$")</strong><br /> <br /> Please help me how to apply regular expression.<br /> <br /> Thank you.<br /> <br /> <br /> Regards,<br /> Shankar L http://smartbear.com/forums/forum/post/?mode=singleThread&thread=c2a9d6ca-b414-4928-8726-661159b63df8 TestComplete Shankar L c2a9d6ca-b414-4928-8726-661159b63df8 Mon, 29 Oct 2012 05:48:58 GMT How to get (X,Y) co-ordinate of the screen. Hi All,&nbsp;<br /> <br /> I need to click particular place in a screen, in order to do that,<br /> First I need to know (X,Y) co-ordination of that point of the screen.<br /> Second I need to know VB scripts which performing&nbsp;mouse click action of that particular point of that screen.<br /> <br /> I need this&nbsp;because&nbsp;TestComplete is not&nbsp;recognizing&nbsp;that point of the screen, which was window application written by Java.<br /> <br /> http://smartbear.com/forums/forum/post/?mode=singleThread&thread=90b929ae-5533-4c47-88fa-67ae312df52c TestComplete Dev Perera 90b929ae-5533-4c47-88fa-67ae312df52c Mon, 27 Aug 2012 11:47:11 GMT CTabfolder control problem in Testcomplete Hi *,<br /> Till now i was working on java swing objects and i didn't find any problem with them while working with JTabbedpane.<br /> <br /> Recently i started testing on eclipse and i got a problem to open a tab (on CTabFolder) based on the tab text.<br /> how can we click on the tab with specific text on tab?<br /> <br /> code sample will help me more... http://smartbear.com/forums/forum/post/?mode=singleThread&thread=7a0120ae-5ee1-4ae3-b881-5d2cb2e34efc TestComplete yugandhar mannava 7a0120ae-5ee1-4ae3-b881-5d2cb2e34efc Sat, 27 Oct 2012 08:04:48 GMT Page load waiting inIE 8 , Firefox , Chrome How can we make the page to wait until it loads completely in all the browsers&nbsp;. I tried using process wait however as IE8 is creating 2 process on task manager i am unable to do so.<br /> <br /> Can any one please guide me.<br /> http://smartbear.com/forums/forum/post/?mode=singleThread&thread=c428b949-61b6-4736-adb0-37b99e8d503b TestComplete swathi 23 c428b949-61b6-4736-adb0-37b99e8d503b Fri, 26 Oct 2012 18:44:03 GMT Clicking a UIA object Our AUT has a custom control that is like a grid and manually draws it's cells on a "render surface". &nbsp;These cells are completely custom and do not inherit from any Microsoft library classes (i.e. FrameworkElement). &nbsp;We have a need to automate interactions with this custom control so we decided to look into AutomationPeers. &nbsp;I have tested this approach and TestComplete is able to recognize the custom UIA objects; however, when I try to click one of the cells in this custom grid it simply clicks the middle of the window. &nbsp;The AutomationPeers for these cells override&nbsp;GetClickablePointCore and provide a correct point to be clicked for that object, but it still doesn't click in the right place. &nbsp;Is this a known issue? http://smartbear.com/forums/forum/post/?mode=singleThread&thread=fb8b9f5d-b411-4678-88ad-96da1b5e3046 TestComplete Nathan Gladysz fb8b9f5d-b411-4678-88ad-96da1b5e3046 Wed, 10 Oct 2012 17:03:37 GMT Accessing values in Test Item page My understanding is that I can run either a project or a single test item from the command line. However, I can't run a group item from the command line.&nbsp;&nbsp; So,&nbsp; I end up writing a function corresponding to my Group item which essentially just lists the items in the group item separately.<br /> <br /> e.g.&nbsp; <br /> <br /> function run_webServiceTests_withBrowser() {<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; runTest( wsTest_addCardLater, " WS - add Card Later"); <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; runTest( wsTest_sendMeACard, "WS - Send me a card"); <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; runTest( drive_WS_signupWithCard, "WS - Signup with cards"); <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; runTest( wsTest_singleStep_SignupNoCard, "WS - Single Signup - No Cards"); <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; runTest( wsTest_singleStep_Signup_WithCard, "WS - Single Signup - With Cards"); <br /> &nbsp;&nbsp; runTest( wsTest_adminPortal_signup_WithCard, "WS - Admin Portal Registration - With Cards"); <br /> }<br /> <br /> So, my actual question is:&nbsp; Is there an easy way to&nbsp; grab the test item names and function calls from the project file, so that I don't end up manually retyping this information ?&nbsp;&nbsp; I know that it's in the .mds file but not simply enough to parse out.<br /> <br /> Thanks,&nbsp; Curt Hicks <br /> http://smartbear.com/forums/forum/post/?mode=singleThread&thread=7b7f3a14-a882-4ebd-9bec-acabc29238e4 TestComplete Curt Hicks 7b7f3a14-a882-4ebd-9bec-acabc29238e4 Fri, 26 Oct 2012 18:30:33 GMT Getting the Rows and Columns from Grid I've licensed TC7 version and TC9 trial version. In my application i want to get the rows and column count in a flex grid and want to iterate&nbsp;into the grid and get the values.But i'm not getting any properties or methods to get the row and coulmn count of the Grid.<br /> <br /> Please let me know if anyone have any idea on this.<br /> <br /> http://smartbear.com/forums/forum/post/?mode=singleThread&thread=921725fa-c7a3-454b-a770-bdda59e92cd2 TestComplete MURUGESAN SHANMUGAM 921725fa-c7a3-454b-a770-bdda59e92cd2 Mon, 15 Oct 2012 04:13:36 GMT Assigning Data Driven value to Object attribute Not sure if I'm considered a novice, as I have many years using TestPartner, QTP and other tools. Only been using TestComplete about a week now.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> TestComplete Version: 9.0.1312.7<br /> Microsoft Windows Version: 7 Enterprise<br /> <br /> Scenario:<br /> I've built a data driven keyword test that uses two sheets off of the same .xlsx file. The first loop determines which server I'm going to be testing the web page against. I have all of my servers set up in this file with a 'Run' column with 'Y' denoting which servers I will be testing against. This works great and iterates through the servers. It's the next one that I'm having issues with.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> The second loop determines which Forms will be run against each server. This also is set up with a 'Run' column so that I can have all of my data there, but only run specific forms. It selects the Form from a droplist in the AUT based on an object that has the outerText value set to a variable 'FormName' that is passed in from the DataTable. The first one works great. The subsequent times that it goes to pick the Form from the droplist it selects the original value of the 'FormName' variable. I've verified via log messages that the value of 'FormName' is changing.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> In looking at the Additional Info it looks like it may be testing against the Cell coordinates, not the attributes.<br /> Sys.Browser("iexplore").Page("Page").Panel("createForm").Frame("createFormPaneliframe").Table(0).Cell(0, 0).Table(0).Cell(7, 2)<br /> <br /> Is there some way to reset the object so that it dumps the previous 'FormName' out of the outerText attribute value?&nbsp;<br /> <br /> I thought I might have to send the 'FormName' as a parameter to the child keyword test, but there isn't a way to connect the object to the parameter of a keyword test as far as I can tell.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?&nbsp;<br /> <br /> <br /> http://smartbear.com/forums/forum/post/?mode=singleThread&thread=fec1d171-dff5-40b1-a3af-2d4a3e7b4340 TestComplete JC Nordyke fec1d171-dff5-40b1-a3af-2d4a3e7b4340 Wed, 10 Oct 2012 19:22:55 GMT Activation key always appears Hi,<br /> <br /> Our company has purchased ver. 9.10 of TestComplete. So I activated my license (Node-Locked) and finished it. But when i open the software again,it again asked me to activate my license key?! And when I activate it, it says i already had activated the key. Can someone help me with this?<br /> <br /> However, one of my coworkers already used this software and the key so I'm thinking that the software only allows one activation.<br /> <br /> Thank you! http://smartbear.com/forums/forum/post/?mode=singleThread&thread=4e5c22d5-9bc0-4550-9803-cee5e537e6a6 TestComplete killua zoldaeyck 4e5c22d5-9bc0-4550-9803-cee5e537e6a6 Mon, 22 Oct 2012 22:18:42 GMT Firefox object is not being captured <p>I'm recording a simple test of opening Firefox and search for a string in google.<br /> After recording I'm trying to run the test and getting this error.<br /> It only manage to open Firefox but fails right after it with this error.<br /> Can anyone please shed some light?<br /> <br /> An error occurred while accessing the "Wait" method or property of the "<a href="lnamemapping://{89E0CAF0-29BB-4808-97A6-9F921CF85C58}.{70B450D9-5433-4E16-991F-D134F0BE8032}">pageMozillaFirefoxStartPage</a>" object.<br /> The object or one of its parent objects was not found.</p> <h4>Object Whose Method or Property Was Accesssed</h4> <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tbody> <tr> <td><strong>Alias:</strong></td> <td>Aliases.browser.pageMozillaFirefoxStartPage</td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>Name mapping item:</strong></td> <td>NameMapping.Sys.browser.pageMozillaFirefoxStartPage</td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <h4>Object That Was Not Found</h4> <table> <tbody> <tr> <td><strong>Alias:</strong></td> <td><a href="lnamemapping://{89E0CAF0-29BB-4808-97A6-9F921CF85C58}.{70B450D9-5433-4E16-991F-D134F0BE8032}">Aliases.browser.pageMozillaFirefoxStartPage</a></td> </tr> <tr> <td><strong>Name mapping item:</strong></td> <td><a href="namemapping://{89E0CAF0-29BB-4808-97A6-9F921CF85C58}.{6D20DD73-3D0C-4DC6-9E7E-E01440C43B35}">NameMapping.Sys.browser.pageMozillaFirefoxStartPage</a></td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <p>Click the link above to view and configure mapping settings for the missing object.</p> <p><a href="aqa-help://2201">Learn about possible causes of the error</a></p> http://smartbear.com/forums/forum/post/?mode=singleThread&thread=75071c4c-8659-4a75-94c4-fc75983d5775 TestComplete me me 75071c4c-8659-4a75-94c4-fc75983d5775 Mon, 22 Oct 2012 18:06:47 GMT Updating name mapping Hi Everyone, I am very new to TC.&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Object which I mapped and added to Aliases also, was working fine but now its not being identified. How can i edit \update\ add new properties &nbsp;to the already mapped object. When I right click and say edit , it says object is not existing . When I tried to double click and update name mapping wizard , highlighted the object it said parent object not found. When I selected the parent object and tried update name mapping it is not updating.<br /> Please help step by step procedure to update the object in name mapping.<br /> http://smartbear.com/forums/forum/post/?mode=singleThread&thread=a0747741-cd6e-4f12-8cd0-af364a16e6c7 TestComplete Avinash Natekar a0747741-cd6e-4f12-8cd0-af364a16e6c7 Mon, 15 Oct 2012 07:58:00 GMT Testing Geographical Maps and Bar Graphs etc., We are using analytical tools(Desktop Applications) which are coded with .net frameworks.I need a help on a scenario which follows like this<br /> we had a map(India),each state is&nbsp;colored with&nbsp;different&nbsp;colors based&nbsp;&nbsp;on the sales happened according to the legend.For Ex: Sales in a state more than 100 millions it should be shown in green and &lt;100 millions should &nbsp;be shown&nbsp;as red.i want to test,the map is changing according to the legend. http://smartbear.com/forums/forum/post/?mode=singleThread&thread=4c2fc511-30aa-4db8-ae51-66dd2e74ca42 TestComplete maddhi srikanth 4c2fc511-30aa-4db8-ae51-66dd2e74ca42 Fri, 12 Oct 2012 17:42:15 GMT How to compare values in wpf listview values with Excel sheet Please help on the following scenario,How to compare each value in wpf&nbsp;list view&nbsp;with values stored in excel sheet. http://smartbear.com/forums/forum/post/?mode=singleThread&thread=79cb6f60-27ca-48f8-a3e1-69100f90efb3 TestComplete maddhi srikanth 79cb6f60-27ca-48f8-a3e1-69100f90efb3 Fri, 12 Oct 2012 17:46:09 GMT Untitled Page